this is a TL;DR post

merely a recap and reminder of days to come and what needs to be done~

only 5 more days til I hop on the plane and I've been busier than ever!
all my friends who were taking spring courses are free now and they all want to go out and play and party everyday :s
I told myself that I would start cleaning my room(s) and start packing on wednesday but I completely forgot about my dinner date with my 3 delightful ladies. I was totally free on thurs to do laundry and clean up but I was being a lazy fat arse. I worked yesterday and stopped by the bar after work looking like crap to say happy birthday to a friend and ended up pretty tipsy.. this was at 11pm -_- then I just came home and slept. This morning I treated my parents to a nice lunch to celebrate Father's Day early and went to the driving range, dinner, and bbt with my lovely p&p and here I am now.
I have to work tomorrow....... in the afternoon so I suppose I do have some time in the morning to clean up
on monday I only have a family dinner scheduled but pumpkin wants to do our Twilight marathon after it..
tuesday.. bbq but that's later at night so I shall squeeze in some cleaning time before
my friends are planning a little farewell gathering for me on wednesday so that might take up my day..
I probably won't start packing until thurs. so I'll be spending the whole day doing that and I don't plan to sleep since I have to leave for the airport at 5AM on friday anyway...

this blogging thing..

I'm really not used to blogging. I can't sit down at my comp tapping my feelings and thoughts away on the keyboard..
but I'm gonna try harder because I'm very determined to blog about my summer in korea :) you don't understand how long I've wanted to go there! and I finally have the chance to so I'm pretty stoked!!!

so I got my plane tickets and I'm leaving on jun 25. D-9 days!!!